More Red Than Green

The last month my Training Peaks calendar has really suffered.  There are so many missed workouts, it’s embarrassing.   From work being less than ideal at the moment, to Nick and I being sick on and off, to shear lack of motivation; my calendar is a sore sight.

Training Peaks Calendar

The weather is finally nice enough to exercise outside and all I want to do is stay inside on the couch.  I’m not exactly sure how to get out of this funk.  I have TWO major races coming up – Door County 70.3 is a few weeks away and Chattanooga will be here before I know it.  I NEED to get motivated.  I know I’m on the verge of being completely underprepared for both races if I don’t get moving soon.

How do you find motivation?

Hooray for a Rest Day!

Friday was the first time in a few weeks that we got an official Rest Day.  Now, Nick and I have taken some “unofficial” rest days recently, due to being sick or tired or overall not feeling like working out.  The coach hasn’t been overly excited about these impromptu rest days.  But, Friday, nonetheless was a scheduled rest day.

Nick, a little overzealous about the time off, updated the progress of his rest day in Training Peaks every couple of hours.  I, on the other hand, was just relieved not to have to juggle a long day at the office with exercising.  We had big plans Friday evening – beers with coworkers after work.  Our outing extended to dinner with said coworkers, then we came home and relaxed the remainder of the evening.

Something Fun?!

I feel like a lot of what I have posted lately has been a downer or a review of something silly.  (By the way, I have another review coming soon about the Di2 group set that I put on my bike in December and a review of the Pioneer single sided power meter)

As I write this, I am on my way to San Jose, CA to meet with a customer.  That’s fun, right? (I’m back from San Jose now)


I am about 6 weeks away from Galveston and really excited to get a race in this season.  Living in Wisconsin, sometimes it can be hard to remember that these activities are intended to occur outdoors!  But a lot of great things are possible when you train indoors.

  1. We get to watch a lot of Netflix.  In the first few weeks of January, we watched How to Make a Murderer.  This was a fun series to watch, since it all happened about 30 miles from where we live.  Then we watched a tv show about a serial killer, The Following.  We cut this off as season 3 started because it started to get boring.  Recently, Netflix released 13 episodes of Fuller House.  I blew through those pretty quick between the treadmill and the bike trainer.
  2. We played some Forza.  Pretty self explanatory, but racing games while riding the bike is a lot of fun.
  3. We get to complain about our coach and question why he forces us to do all this (obviously it’s because he doesn’t like us and it has nothing to do with getting us prepared for these long distance races).
  4. The air condition vent at the gym is right above the treadmills.  I love running underneath it.  When it kicks on it feels amazing.

OK, well that was 3 fun things that we did on the trainer and one mildly interesting tidbit about the gym.

What else do I do while I train?  I think a lot.  I think about why I do this.  I think about what I’ll do next year.  I think about what each race will be like.  Most of all, I think about crossing the finish line.  I think about how great it will be to complete my second 70.3 in under a year.  What it will be like to PR the first triathlon I participated in.  I think about how amazing it will be to welcome my brother to the club when he finishes his first race and what I’ll do to support Emily when she competes in Door County.

When you train and race long distances you are left alone with yourself for quite a substantial amount of time and positive thinking is really the best thing you can do with your time. In my Austin race report, I wrote about the negative thoughts that went through my head. A goal that I have for myself right now is to be more positive.

During my swim this morning, I swam about 10 seconds faster per hundred than I have been recently and that brings on a lot of positivity as well.  Thinking about swimming the whole thing 210 seconds faster than I did last time, or cutting minutes from my time on the run or 30 minutes from my bike.

I guess my point is that the more training I do and the more I improve, the more positive I get and the better this all becomes.  Being able to watch Netflix, or play video games, or complain about our coach, or run under the air conditioner is just fun stuff I get to do while I get ready.

Anyone Else Working With a Coach

We’ve been working with a coach for a while now and today I received a text message detailing how many workouts I have missed in the last 9 weeks.  The answer is 11.  8 of them I absolutely knew about since I was sick for a week, but the other 3 were a surprise.  I had to figure out what they were.  I actually found it a little motivating since he has typical resisted telling me what I am doing wrong and only told me what he likes about my workouts.

Anyone working with a coach?  What motivates you to do your workouts?

Kind of curious to hear what others have going on.

Training Update

So I am getting myself ready for IM Texas 70.3 in Galveston and training has been anything but easy recently.  Some of that is because it is cruddy outside, some of it is because I was a sick for about a week (still am a little), and some is because training is hard and who wants to do it.  Today I had a text conversation with my coach who told me it will be impressive to PR my half having only done indoor training, but I have to say that this is probably pretty typical of any athlete that lives where we do.  There isn’t a lot of ways to train outside right now even if the occasional run isn’t out of the question.  The thought of getting on a bike in 30 degree weather and creating a wind (since I will be moving about 18 MPH) that will bring the temperature on my face down to 15 degrees.

Recently, we began using Training Peaks to plan and track workouts.  I was really disappointed to see so much red when I was sick.  Too bad I can’t go back and make those up.

Training Peaks Screenshot

The Snow is Melting

Today was the first time, in what seems like forever, that it was comfortable to be outside.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still cold, but I didn’t feel the need to bundle up like I was trekking through the snow in North Slope, Alaska.

This morning Nick and I ran a few errands, came home, and cooked lunch.  After we ate, we relaxed and may have taken a short nap.  Around 2pm, we took the dogs on a 2 mile walk.  They were excited to be outdoors for more than a few minutes.  The weather was nice, the snow had mostly melted, and the sun was shining.  Whoohoo!

After our walk, we completed our 2-hour bike ride with drills on the trainer, followed by a 15 minute easy run on the treadmill.  I can’t wait for warmer weather to be able to do some of these workouts outdoors.

Emily on the Trainer