Crocheting – A Snowstorm

The week before Thanksgiving, I began looking for something fun to make for our moms and my grandmother for Christmas.  I found this White Snowflake Table Runner pattern on the Red Heart website and decided this would make the perfect gift.  So I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and purchased I Love This Yarn, color Metallic White, 97% Acrylic and 3% Metallic Polyester medium weight yarn.  It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but the yarn has a sliver of silver in it, so it sparkles in the light.  The pattern is quite simple, it is just a combination of single crochet (sc), half-double crochet (hdc), and chain (ch) stitches while working in the round.  I completed the first table runner according to the pattern.  After this, I made a few modifications, either adding or deleting snowflakes, to obtain the length needed.

From the first snowflake to the last ornament was a little over three weeks.  In this time, I completed a 4-foot, 6-foot and round table runner as well as three snowflake ornaments.  It brings me much joy to give handmade gifts this year.  The presents were mailed earlier this week and all were delivered by Saturday.  The recipients were surprised and very excited to be given “such a special Christmas gift”.