Subscription Services – August 2015

Nothing like waiting until the last day of the month to reveal our StrideBox and Headsweats goodies.

The StrideBox included an Amrita apricot and strawberry energy bar, Crank Sports electrolyte energy gel, Honey Stinger grapefruit energy chews (happy to receive this, we were running low), First Endurance cucumber water, Pure Clean beet juice powder (not too sure about this one), Sportea energy tea, Dr. Hoy’s pain relief gel, and an All Good sunscreen stick.  As always, our StrideBox also contained an inspirational sticker.

Stridebox contents Stridebox contents

This month’s Headsweats box contained a Loudmouth Supervisor Steppin Out.  After some debate, the visor is mine.  Nick gets first right to refusal next month.

Headsets Loudmouth Supervisor Headsweats Steppin Out Supervisor

Subscription Services – July 2015

Around the 10th of the month, Nick and I start checking our mailbox daily, eager for our StrideBox and Headsweats boxes to arrive.  We received both of them this week.

The StrideBox contained a water bottle, Purps Vita multi-vitamin supplement, Youth Infusion – Infuse your vitamins with $5 coupon, Salba one serving of chia seeds boost, Mediterra sesame energy bar with pistachio and honey, hüma chia energy gel, Gu hydration drink tabs, Rocktape – endurance tape for athletes, and a sample of Dermasport skincare including a facial cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream, as well as a 30% off coupon.  The box also contained a StrideBox inspirational sticker.

StrideBox contents July 2015

Next up, the Headsweats box.  We eagerly anticipated this month’s arrival because it included the quarterly bonus gift.  The box had contained a black and red Trucker Hat which Nick immediately grabbed and put on his head.  That was okay, because I was eyeing the blue Grid Supervisor – Sublimated.  No need to compromise, we each got our desired piece of headgear.

Headsweats July 2015

Subscription Services – May 2015

I’ve been checking our mailbox every day awaiting the arrival of our StrideBox and Headsweats goodies for this month.  We finally received them Wednesday afternoon.

The StrideBox contained a massage recovery ball, Tiger Balm pain relieving patch, a package of GU chews, Bounce protein bomb, Osmo hydration, Vita Perk coffee boost, Glukos energy gel, a coupon for a discount on a training journal from VeloPress, and an inspirational sticker.  I was reading an article the other day about Bounce products, so I am happy we received a sample in this month’s box.

Before opening the Headsweats box, Nick and I agreed we would see what’s inside each month before deciding who gets the headgear.  The package contained a Velocity Visor as well as a handful of candies and stickers.   This month’s visor belongs to me.

StrideBox and Headsweats contents May 2015


Subscription Services

About a week ago, Emily and I decided to subscribe to two different box services.  Each of them seemed kind of neat in their own way (please make fun of me for saying neat).  I don’t have a lot to say about either of them right now since they both just arrived today, but I am really excited for each of them and to see what kinds of goods they deliver us in the future.

The first is StrideBox

Stridebox delivers running things each month.  They say on their site that they deliver “an assortment of running accessories, gear, and nutritional products”.  This month seems to be very focused on nutrition.  Inside the box we got Bonk Breaker Energy Chews, Slopeside Syrup, SOS Hydration Drink, Health Warrior Chia Bar, Stinger Energy Bar, A Stretch Strap, and an Arena Sciences Pre-Moistened Cooling Towelette.

Stridebox Stridebox Packaging









We are always looking for nutrition products to take on runs with us, so I hope that this gives us some great choices to look at in the future.  If you see me sucking down maple syrup during a race, you know that I have StrideBox to thank.

The second is from Headsweats.

Headsweats delivers apparel mostly.  From the sounds of it, we will mostly be receiving hats, but this month I feel like we hit the lottery.  We received an awesome hat, a water bottle, a pair of Feetures socks, and a few miscellaneous items shown below.  We go through quite a few water bottles here, so that will get quite a bit of use.  And . . . I can go through a hat pretty quick with our long runs on the horizon, so I imagine I will get some use from this as well.

Nick In the Loudmouth Cap

First box contents from Headsweats

First box contents from Headsweats









I think we are both looking forward to what we will get in the months to come.