Weekly Activity Report 01/10/2016

With the unbelievable cold weather lately, Nick and I were very happy to run outdoors on Saturday.  We brought Lou along for the run; hoping to tire her a little.  The air was crisp and a little breezier than I would have preferred, but it beats running on the treadmill.  Here are a few pictures from our run.

Emily and Unhappy Lou   Emily and Nick January 2016 Winter Run

And now for the fun stuff…our weekly activity stats are below.

Weekly Activity Report ending 01/10/2016:

Emily –
84,400 Fitbit steps (daily average 12,057)
Run 8.3 miles
Bike 14.4 miles
Swim 800 yds
Strength 30 minutes

Nick –
99,117 Fitbit steps (daily average 14,160)
Run 7.7 miles
Bike 14.6 miles
Swim 500 yds
Strength 30 minutes

This Dog is Hungry

I’m sure we have mentioned before that we have two dogs, one that is lazy and could spend all day and night sleeping if we let her, the other constantly wound up.

The dog that is constantly wound up, Lou, acts as if she has never been fed before anytime that we get ready to feed her.  So the other night I decided to take a video of this in action and I thought it was quite funny.

Does anyone else have a dog that acts like this every time they eat?