Sunshine and Bright Skies

This morning we woke up to rain.  The last couple of weeks have been pretty dreary with the sun only making a few subtle appearances.  Today, though, the forecast promised a bright and sunny afternoon.  I was doubtful, to say the least.  After eating lunch, I was sitting on the sofa and happened to glance out of the window.  With the sun finally making an appearance, it was as if it illuminated the clouds in the sky.

I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple of shots of the white, fluffy clouds against the bright, blue sky.  I don’t remember the sky being so vibrant in Houston, although maybe I never took the time to notice it.

Bright Sky White Clouds, Wisconsin

Bright Sky White Clouds, Wisconsin

Bright Sky White Clouds, Wisconsin

First Impressions of Nikon COOLPIX AW120

I’ve been wanting to buy a camera to take on our runs and bike rides for almost a year now.  After researching the shockproof, waterproof cameras available, I’ve had my eye on the Nikon Coolpix AW120.  Since the weather is beginning to warm up, making outdoor running possible, we finally purchased the camera yesterday.  We have been shooting with DSLRs for several years, but these are too difficult, awkward, and heavy to carry on a run or bike ride.  And, there is another reason persuading us not to take the DSLR for use while running, the cost of replacement is just TOO high.

Note, the new NIKON COOLPIX AW130 is said to release this month, reducing the price of the AW120 by over $100 dollars. I momentarily considered waiting for the new AW130, but the upgrades are minimal (at least to me) and I was happy to pay less for a great camera.


Pretty standard stuff – camera, battery, USB cable, AC adapter, camera strap, brush (what am I intended to brush?), and Quick Start Guide.  I have to say, I do like that the AC adapter has the foldable prongs, making it more convenient for storage and travel.  The guide recommends charging the battery for approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes before starting, although the camera did show the battery to have a charge.

Nikon Coolpix AW120

First Use

After the battery was fully charged, we wanted to see how the camera would perform.  We took the dogs on a walk in a nearby park and neighborhood and snapped a few pictures along the way.  Some shots were still and others were taken while walking.  As you can see, the camera does a pretty good job of focusing even while in motion.

Firehouse Park Wisconsin Tabasco at Firehouse Park Lou at Firehouse Park Firehouse Park Sheboygan Wisconsin

A walk in the State Park

Kohler Andrae State Park This past weekend we took the dogs to the Kohler-Andrae State Park.  We wanted to get the dogs out of the house for a while, as well as take a few pictures (even though it wasn’t the prettiest of days).  The weather was mild and cloudy, but with the sun making an appearance, it made for some great pictures.Kohler Andrae State Park Kohler Andrae State Park Kohler Andrae State Park Kohler Andrae State Park   Kohler Andrae State Park


Pups Enjoying the New Backyard

This past weekend the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  We sat outside for a while and played with the dogs in their new backyard.

Pups enjoying the fall weather.

Pups enjoying the fall weather.