Mio LINK Continuous HRM

Ever been annoyed by the HRM strap while you are running or biking?  I have.  Often time I wear it a little loose so that it doesn’t bother me, but then I have the problem of having to pull it up during a run.  Sometimes I put it on tight so that it doesn’t move, but then I have to deal with it feeling very constricting.

I decided to try out the Mio LINK which is a wrist worn uses similar technology to a pulse oximeter to determine your current heart rate.  I purchased the small, but probably could have gone a size larger.

The device itself is pretty slick, comfortable to wear and only has a single button for control.  To configure the band, Mio offers an app from the App Store.  The configuration is pretty basic, 3 vs 5 zone training, lights on and off and bluetooth on and off.  The app itself is pretty light weight, but then again, there isn’t much to do.  The app will show your current heart rate, but does not keep a record.  For this you will require a different app on the phone, or you can pair it with a fitness watch, like I did with my Garmin 920XT.

I don’t see a substantial difference in the reading between the chest strap and the wrist worn device, but the downside to this is that it does not contain the same technology as the Garmin HRM-Run.  The HRM run has an accelerometer built into it to give the wearer information for the running dynamics screen (cadence, ground contact time, and vertical oscillation).  I think I would miss these a lot on longer runs, but for short runs on the treadmill, for the bike, and for general exercise, I think I can do without.

Overall, I am quite pleased, but can’t see this completely replacing the chest worn strap.