Weekly Activity Report 02/14/2016

I was in a meeting all week, the weather was freezing, and Nick and I both became sick at the end of the week.  Our numbers were not great, but here they are.

Weekly Activity Report ending 02/14/2016:

Emily –
53,242 Fitbit steps (daily average 7,606)
Run 4.7 miles
Bike 21.4 miles
Swim 0 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Nick –
77,034 Fitbit steps (daily average 11,005)
Run 6.2 miles
Bike 17.3 miles
Swim 0 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Weekly Activity Report 02/07/2016

The month of February has brought healthier eating.  We’ve been (loosely) following the Racing Weight concept, and made a few of Matt Fitzgerald’s recipes from his Cookbook.

We watched the Super Bowl this weekend, Nick and I were excited to see the Broncos win.

Weekly Activity Report ending 02/07/2016:

Emily –
90,553 Fitbit steps (daily average 12,936)
Run 4.4 miles
Bike 78.2 miles
Swim 3200 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Nick –
101,904 Fitbit steps (daily average 14,558)
Run 4.9 miles
Bike 77.5 miles
Swim 4000 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Weekly Activity Report 01/31/2016

We are still trucking along in our training.  We’ve both been pretty consistent in doing our prescribed workouts.  Most of our work lately has been focused on spadework and form.

My swim is getting faster and stronger.  My last few swims, I’ve been extremely pleased with my time and the progress that I’ve made.

Weekly Activity Report ending 01/31/2016:

Emily –
92,177 Fitbit steps (daily average 13,168)
Run 10 miles
Bike 79.6 miles
Swim 4400 yds
Strength 34 minutes

Nick –
112,027 Fitbit steps (daily average 16,004)
Run 12.9 miles
Bike 64.7 miles
Swim 4200 yds
Strength 30 minutes

Weekly Activity Report 01/17/2016

With the weather hanging below zero, exercising outdoors is now just a memory.  We’ve been hitting the gym more than usual to complete our workouts for the week.  Nick began his training for Galveston 70.3 this week, while I’m working on speed and strength.  In the upcoming weeks, our workouts will vary greatly.  I’m looking forward to getting faster and stronger on the swim, bike, and run.  It will also be satisfying to finish a few workouts before Nick.

This past week’s distances are below.

Weekly Activity Report ending 01/10/2016:

Emily –
86,539 Fitbit steps (daily average 12,363)
Run 8.04 miles
Bike 58.8 miles
Swim 1700 yds
Strength 67 minutes

Nick –
95,231 Fitbit steps (daily average 13,604)
Run 12.0 miles
Bike 51.2 miles
Swim 1600 yds
Strength 72 minutes

Weekly Activity Report 01/10/2016

With the unbelievable cold weather lately, Nick and I were very happy to run outdoors on Saturday.  We brought Lou along for the run; hoping to tire her a little.  The air was crisp and a little breezier than I would have preferred, but it beats running on the treadmill.  Here are a few pictures from our run.

Emily and Unhappy Lou   Emily and Nick January 2016 Winter Run

And now for the fun stuff…our weekly activity stats are below.

Weekly Activity Report ending 01/10/2016:

Emily –
84,400 Fitbit steps (daily average 12,057)
Run 8.3 miles
Bike 14.4 miles
Swim 800 yds
Strength 30 minutes

Nick –
99,117 Fitbit steps (daily average 14,160)
Run 7.7 miles
Bike 14.6 miles
Swim 500 yds
Strength 30 minutes

Weekly Activity Report 01/03/2016

Welcome to the new year!  We are excited for what is to come in 2016.  I’ve updated our Races page; this is everything we are signed up for right now.  We’re rested, as you can tell from our numbers below, and ready to start the new year strong.

Weekly Activity Report ending 01/03/2016:

Emily –
59,720 Fitbit steps (daily average 8,531)
Run 0 miles
Bike 26.3 miles
Swim 0 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Nick –
80,148 Fitbit steps (daily average 11,450)
Run 6.2 miles
Bike 20.1 miles
Swim 0 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Garmin Vivosmart Revisited

Just before Christmas, I posted a review of the Vivosmart.  At the time I was disappointed with a few things, namely step count accuracy.  Over a few software updates, I found that the device became far more accurate and didn’t count as much of my arm movement as steps as it had before.  The picture below is a comparison of the Vivosmart and the Fitbit One after a run today.  (Deduct 1200 from the Fitbit since I put it on earlier in the day)

I can’t say that I ever became a fan of the notifications on my wrist.  It just became more of a hassle than knowing what was going on with my phone at any given minute.  This is one of the reasons that I question whether the Apple Watch will be worth while or not.  I just don’t always need to see what my phone is doing or who is texting me, calling me, or emailing me.

I never quite got used to having a wrist worn tracker and just prefer to have the tracker out of the way in my pocket or on my belt.  It was nice, however, that the device was waterproof and I could keep it on when I went to swim (I didn’t have to remember to switch it to different shorts or take it off when I jumped in the pool) or lose steps when I was going to shower.

I’ll say again that I think any device that gets someone moving is worthwhile and picking the one you like is the most important part of that because if you don’t wear it, it won’t work.

A few pictures of the Vivofit

A few pictures of the Vivofit