On the Road Again

Well, we’re moving….again.  Nick and I packed up last weekend and drove to California, with the three dogs.  They slept the entire 12-hour trip, which was amazing!

We will be living the hotel life in Cali for the next 3 weeks, then on to our final destination, Las Vegas!

Since the weather is much nicer than the Pacific NorthWest, I’m hoping we will quickly get back into our swimming, biking, and running lifestyle.

A Patriotic Wedding

Nick and I traveled to San Diego, CA for the 4th of July weekend to attend a wedding.  When we booked the trips a few months ago, there wasn’t much cost difference between coach and first class.  So we decided to spring for the first-class tickets, and may I say it was well worth the extra bucks.  We flew out approximately 6:30 Wednesday evening and were served dinner on the flight.  Once we arrived in San Diego, we stopped at my cousin’s house to visit with family, then headed to the hotel.

Thursday morning we were awake really early, despite going to bed much later than normal.  Nick and I had some time to kill, so we ate breakfast at Original Pancake House.  I had pecan pancakes; they were delicious.  I may have to try to make these at home.

Next, we headed the San Diego Zoo.  We walked around most of the zoo, seeing a variety of animals.  We started at the flamingos, then made our way to the orangoutangs.  Next up was the tiger who was fairly active, running around his area, we attribute this to the many LSU fans that were present.  We stood in line to see the two panda bears.  We passed some deer who were resting in their cave and the zebra was busy eating.  Then went through the cold climate exhibit where we saw polar bears and reindeer.   There were two lazy lions, both sleeping not even aware of the crowd gathered around them.  On the way out, we saw a few elephants.  I remember the zoo being much more exciting as a kid.  Nonetheless, it was nice to visit with family and see the animal exhibits.

DSC_2835That evening at the hotel, some of the aunts and girl cousins attended a Mad Hatter’s Party.  We were served appetizers, drank wine, and each of us decorated a hat in celebration of the 4th of July as well as the upcoming wedding.  Some women were a little more creative than others.  As you can see,  the hats were fabulous!

Friday, Independence Day, the wedding party and out of town guests were invited to a barbecue at my cousin’s house.  We spent the day visiting with the bride and groom’s family and friends.  We enjoyed bbq brisket, muffalettas, Nooley’s Special sandwiches, and ice cold beer.  The bride had a few crafts for us to help with in preparation for the next day’s wedding.  Nick and I hung out until early evening, then headed back to the hotel.

The wedding was an outside ceremony held at San Dieguito County Park on Saturday at 2pm.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, sunny with a slight breeze.  The bride was escorted by her father wearing a white, tea-length dress and blue heels, with red flowers adorned in he hair.  She carried a bouquet of red and white flowers.  She had two bridesmaids, one in a red dress the other in a blue dress.  The flower girls had white dresses with red and blue flowers in the tulle.  The groom wore a blue vest with a red tie and red boutonniere.  The two ring bearers sported red converse shoes and fedoras.  The entire wedding and wedding party was very festive.  The music had people dancing until the reception ended.


Sunday morning, Nick and I woke up very early to catch a 6:30am flight.  Our flight was delayed, waiting on the flight crew to arrive.  We were both pretty hungry by the time we boarded and were happy to be served breakfast on the plane.  We landed early afternoon and drove straight to the kennel to pick up the dogs.  When we got home we unpacked the truck and took the dogs for a quick walk around the neighborhood.  We ate a late lunch and hung around the house for the rest of the evening.  We were both pretty wrecked, so it was a lazy day.