A Quick Note on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Collection

Folks, I have been torn for the last several months on the Apple Watch.  I wanted very badly to want one and use it for lots of great things.  I love watches.  I have read a lot of reviews and posts that have discounted watches, “they are no longer necessary”, “people use their phones to tell time”.  But not me, I like having a watch on my wrist.

Ultimately all the stuff that I review on this site, I buy for personal use.  It has to be something with at least some lasting value to me, and I just can’t say that for the Apple Watch.

With the exception of my running watches, I don’t get the impression that any of my other time pieces will go obsolete at any point in the near future.  My Seiko and Invicta automatics won’t even go obsolete when the battery makers decide to no longer make watch batteries.  The GPS watches will eventually have Li-Ion battery degradation.  Eventually new satellites will be launched rending them useless, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  Plus, the Fenix2 and the 920 have incredible battery life to begin with, so even degrading battery life won’t effect my usage.

My Watches

On the other hand, the Apple Watch will be obsolete soonish.  Eventually Apple’s iOS will no longer support the first generation watch.  Eventually the 18 hour battery life will degrade to 16 hours, then 12 hours, and eventually be totally useless as an everyday watch.

Watches are fashion pieces, and Apple very much understands that.  They are marketing them that way.  Why else would someone buy a watch for $10k vs $350 with identical functionality.  But some fashion lasts, it isn’t intended to be on a short term obsolescence schedule.

One last thing that I will say is that the Fenix2, the 920, and the Vivosmart all act as smart devices.  They will display texts and incoming phone calls.  I quickly turned this feature off on all of them because I just don’t need to see everything that hits my phone the minute it gets there.  Sometimes a little anticipation is good.

As I am sure you have concluded, I am not in the market for an Apple Watch right now.  Maybe sometime in the future.  I just don’t think that this current generation has lasting power to justify the purchase.

By the way, I know the title of this post and how much I wrote don’t sync up.  Sorry!