White Tutu Party

My first 5k (Rudolph Run) is a week away…Christmas costumes are encouraged!  Time to get busy.  Kellie and I made our tutus today.  

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, luckily I had a pro to help me out.  Little did I realize how much work is involved in making a tutu.  We went to JoAnn’s Fabric this morning and purchased our materials – sparkly white tulle and elastic.  Then we spent the majority of the afternoon making our white tutus and hats.  Now, I’m not going to spoil the fun and reveal the whole costume, but here is the finished tutu.

C25K Week 9

Well, this week has been sad.  I was sick all week, so running wasn’t my top priority.  Nick and I decided we would just run 10 minutes each day until our 5k next week.  The stats are below, but no judgements please.  

Workout 1  30 min run (Actual: 10 min run)

I felt very accomplished when I finished running.  Our normal walk was leaving me winded, so running was a huge accomplishment this week.  Because our 5k is next weekend, Nick and I decided we will take it easy this week and next.  So technically we are not completing the C25K program, but we are running a 5k.  

Workouts 2 & 3  30 min run each day(Actual: 10 min run/3 min walk/2 min run/1 1/2 min walk/ 2 1/2 min run /2 1/2 min walk/4 1/2 min run)

We decided to combine the last two workouts.  The goal was to run 10 minutes, walk 3 minutes, run 10 minutes.  Obviously, that’s not what happened.  After the first 10 minute run, I realized I’m not up to par yet.  I’m still having problems breathing, and that is setting me back a good bit.  I started the second part of the run, and could barely run 2 minutes.  I started walking and was going to walk the rest of the way home.  Then I decided, I’m not giving up, this cold isn’t going to get the best of me.  So, I ran/walked the rest of the way.  The last run was a huge push for me, but I had to do it for myself.  

C25K Week 8

Workout 1

28 min run (Actual:  25 min run/1 min walk/2 min run)
We ran a different route today.  We went out of the neighborhood, along the bike paths, through a nearby neighborhood.  I was doing great until the 25 minute mark.  Then I had a sharp pain in my side, and had to walk for about a minute, until the pain subsided.  I finished the run, covering 2.47 miles.  Most of this run was uphill.  
Workout 2
28 min run (Actual:  23 min run/1 1/2 min walk/3 1/2 min run)
We ran a route similar to our last, except instead of making a loop, we ran 15 minutes then turned around and headed to the house.  This made the route uphill in the beginning, and downhill towards the end.  I had pain in my side again today, thus the walking portion.  I think this is due to improper breathing, but I’m not quite sure.  I will have to focus more on my breathing.  Other than that, the run was pretty good. 
Workout 3 
28 min run  (Actual: 10 min run/3 min walk/6 1/2 min run/2 1/2 min walk/5 min run/3 min walk/2 min run)
Our normal run for workout 3 is on Thursdays.  Since this Thursday was Thanksgiving, we took the day off.  When I woke up Friday morning, I was sick.  I stayed on the sofa most of the day.  We walked the dogs, but that proved to be exhausting.  There’s no way I could run.  Saturday I had the best of intentions, but still wasn’t feeling great.  We got the dogs out for a walk, but a run was just too much for me.  This morning we walked the dogs, and Nick was going to run.  I was originally going home to lay on the sofa and rest, since I was up most of the night coughing.  When we got in from our walk, I made up my mind that I was going to try running today.  I told Nick not to wait for me, he could run ahead.  My plan was to run 5 minute intervals.  Once I started running, I let my body set the pace.  Today’s run wasn’t too bad for still being sick.  I am a little late (Sundays are usually the beginning of our week), but at least I got my last run in for the week.  

Homemade Heating Pad

Because it is the week of Thanksgiving, and I have plenty of vacation, I took the whole week off of work.  I’ve been doing little things around the house.  Today I decided to tackle a project that I’ve been putting off, more so because I haven’t purchased all of the supplies needed.  I wanted to use deer corn, because rice tends to hold moisture and will become moldy over time.  The only problem with deer corn is that I had to buy a 40 pound bag!  


I made a heating pad for my husband, thanks to Pinterest and this website.  I followed the directions, for the most part.  Below are the changes that I made:  

 – Cut two 17″x8″ pieces of flannel, to get the most out of my fabric

 – Did not serge the edges (I don’t own a serger)

 – Used 3 1/4 cups Deer Corn instead of rice

 – Added Melaleuca oil (it smells so good)

 – Divided the pad into 3 sections instead of 6, using a little over 1 cup of corn per section


Here is the finished product.  

I am pretty impressed with myself, it came out better than I expected.  The whole project took approximately 2 hours, total cost was about $1.25 each.    

C25K Week 7

Workout 1  25 min run

I did it!!  I ran all 25 minutes, no stopping!!!!  I am super pumped about this run!!  I’m starting to feel motivated and that a 5K will be easy.   Total distance was 2.1 miles.  🙂

Workout 2  25 min run

I was in California for the week, traveling for work.  I was in Huntington Beach on Wednesday evening and decided to run on the treadmill at the hotel.  When I started my warmup, I realized there was a 5K track as a display option, so I chose it.  I did a 5 min walk, then a 25 minute run.  I began the run at 5.5mph and ended at 5.0mph, declining slowly throughout the run.  Because I had chosen the 5K workout, I decided to walk the rest.  I finished the 3.1 miles in exactly 39 minutes.  I figured this would be a good baseline for me when I do the Rudolph Run in December.    

Workout 3  25 min run

I returned home Friday around noon.  As soon as I got home, I cleaned the house for a little while because my mom and grandmother were on their way to visit for the weekend.  Once I got through sprucing things up, I did my final workout of the week.  I decided to run on the treadmill, because they would be pulling up in the driveway at any moment, and I didn’t want them locked out of the house.  Again, I started my run at 5.5mph and slowly dropped the pace to 5.0mph.  I was hoping to run it a little faster, but I’m not complaining.  Several weeks ago, I would have never dreamed of running 20+ minutes at a time, I was struggling to get through 90 second intervals.  

C25K Week 6

Workout 1  5 min run/3 min walk/8 min run/3 min walk/5 min run  (Actual:  5 min run/3 min walk/6 min run/30 sec walk/2 min run/3 min walk/5 min run)

This should’ve been a fairly easy run, but I’m following my worst run yet.  My legs are still sore, and my shins are tight.  I completed the first five minute run.  At about six minutes into the eight minute run, I look down and I’m walking.  I didn’t consciously stop running, my legs just stopped moving fast.  There was nothing I could do to make them move any faster than a walking pace.  So I walked for approximately 30 seconds, Nick continued running.  After my little break, my legs were able to finish the run.  We had a long cool-down walk.  

I decided no more candy this week.  I have a theory about my last two runs and why they were so horrible.  I’ve been eating candy at night, just the little fun-size bars, nonetheless I’m eating candy.  I had two last night before I went to bed.   I woke up, drank coffee, had a glass of milk, and then we went run.  No breakfast.  I think I’m having a hard time because my sugar level is plummeting, therefore causing me to have a bad run.  So, I’m going to stay away from candy this week.  I’m also going to bring a protein and carb snack to work to eat around 2pm, most probably it will be a fruit and string cheese.  I will see how this affects my runs for the rest of the week.

Workout 2  
10 min run/3 min walk/10 min run

I signed up for my first-ever 5K!!!!  I am super excited!!  I also saw a car on the way to work:  license plate RUNN3R and a 26.2 sticker on it.  I REALLY want one of those stickers!!  I sent a picture of it to Nick saying it was my inspiration for the day.  

At noon, I left the office and had a 5 hour drive to Bossier City.  I arrived at the hotel around 5pm.  I immediately went to my room and changed into my workout clothes.  I hurried to the fitness room, only to see one treadmill and one elliptical…and the treadmill was occupied – UGH!  Now what am I supposed to do?  I can’t sit here and watch this guy run….I mean, that would be creepy!  

So, I go back to my room, change into some jeans and go to dinner.  I had a grilled chicken salad with low-fat ranch dressing.  I declined the complimentary bread and resisted the urge to ask for more ranch dressing (they never give you enough).  I finished dinner around 6pm and headed back to the hotel.  

I changed back into my workout clothes and and 7pm I went back down to the fitness room.  To my surprise, it was empty.  I got on the treadmill and began my workout.  It was AMAZING!  By far, this was my best workout.  I ran at 5.5mph pace and really concentrated on my breathing.  It took me about 1 minute to recover from the first run, and about 1 1/2 minutes to recover from the second run.  About halfway through, I realized that I forgot to stretch, but I didn’t care because this run was fabulous!  After all of my trouble, I had a really great workout!

Workout 3  
22 min run  (Actual:  10 min run/1 1/2 min walk/10 1/2 min run)

We needed a few items at the grocery store to make dinner, which is located almost exactly 2 miles from the house.  We decided to run to there, get our groceries, then walk back.  I really like this idea, rather than getting in the car to go.  What I didn’t realize is that most of the run would be uphill.  At 10 minutes, I had to walk for a little while.  Then we ran the rest of the way, running past the entrance to the store to complete our 22 minutes.  Total distance was 1.8 miles.  

C25K Week 5

Workout 1  5 min run/3 min walk/5 min run/3 min walk/5 min run

This is my best run yet!  I felt confident, relaxed, and my breathing was under control!  I want to run a 5K this year, maybe even a 1/2 marathon the end of next year.  I see medals…lots and lots of completion medals in my future!  

Workout 2  
8 min run/5 min walk/8min run

This was tough.  My legs hurt.  My calves are sore and my shins are tight, really tight.  Not looking forward to our next run.  

Workout 3  
20 min run (Actual: 12 min run/1 1/2 min walk/4 min run/30 sec walk/2 min run)

I hate running!  I hate running!  I want to quit!!  I don’t care if I ever run again.  This is hard!!  I got twelve minutes into my run and tears were flowing down my cheeks.  I can’t do this!  I’m overweight, out of shape, and out of breath.  The route was two laps around part of the neighborhood.  We got a few driveways passed our house, beginning lap two, and I was ready to give up and walk back to our house.  Nick kept trying to motivate me saying, “You can do it.  Don’t stop.  Keep going.”  You know what?  The hell with this!  It hurts – my side and my shoulder are killing me.  This is not fun for me.  So I walk for 1 1/2 minutes, then begin to run again.  I ran for another 4 minutes, then had to walk again for 30 seconds.  I ran the last 2 minutes.  

I got home and was ready to throw in the towel, except I’m too stubborn to do that.  It was an awful run.  Truth be told, last night I had candy before going to bed.  Nick thinks I psyched myself out of it.  I think it was just too much, too big of a leap.  

All in all, I ran 18 of the 20 minutes.  Really, that’s not too shabby!