Pre-race Jitters Galveston 70.3

I am now 2 weeks away from my first 2016 race.  I am ready, though nerves are getting me a little bit at the moment.  So, what is it?

For the last three months, I have been getting my workouts in.  (My coach is reading this, so I have to admit to missing a full week for illness and I did cut a few short here and there.)  But, for the most part workouts have been completed.  I have my nutrition down far better than I did for Austin, and I have changed over to gels from bars.  I have added new data that I believe will help me get through the bike portion without burning myself out.  I have been swimming with a lot more ease lately, even getting to the point of being comfortable in the water (even though the gym keeps the pool at a balmy 70 degrees).

Again, why the nerves?  I am at the point now where I believe the nerves are a symptom of not getting a lot of time with the open water swim.  OWS isn’t totally natural and so doing it is a bit of a stretch.  Biking for a long time and running a long distance isn’t as crazy.

With just 9 days left until race day, I am really excited!

Race number is 1232 if you are interested in tracking.

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