Pioneer Single Sided Power Meter

When I got the Wahoo Kickr Snap, I thought it would be great to get power readings while I trained indoors.  I didn’t really think about not having this for race day, or even for just training outdoors.  But this number became more important to me over time and therefore I decided to invest in a power meter.  The hard part of this decision was figuring out which one to get.  Garmin Vector seemed like a logical choice, but it meant I would have to change my pedals (I use Speedplay).  While they were the number one choice for a while, I continued to read reviews and look around.  I looked at Stages, but alas, then I would be bound to a single sided meter forever.  4iiii seemed like a good choice, but then my bike would be out of commission for a few weeks while it was installed.

Then I came across Limits.  Single sided, but allowed me to keep my pedals and for relatively cheap.  The problem is that it is an Indigogo campaign and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for them.  You can read their updates on Indigogo, but I also recommend that you read DC Rainmaker (Post 1, Post 2) if you plan to go that route.  I have even seen another of these pop up on Kickstarter with a short time frame for delivery.

Ultimately, I ended up on Pioneer.  I am starting with a single side, but it is upgradable if I choose to do so later.  And, with an added Pioneer head unit, a lot of useful data is given to the user.

I have done one ride with it so far, so I want to get a few more rides in before I give a final review, but:

  1. Install was easy (really easy)
  2. First ride shows slightly higher numbers than the Kickr (is it possible I was losing something between crank and wheel?)

I’ll put up a more in depth review in a few weeks once I have had some more time with it.

3 comments on “Pioneer Single Sided Power Meter

  1. Hiya. Trying to find an online review, but no luck. What is your impression of durability and water-resistance? I have had Stages, but keep getting water into the unit due to an extremely flimsy battery cover. Would be interesting to hear your impressions? All the best from Norway, martin

    • I am not sure I can speak too much to either of those. Based on what I know, it can handle puddles and rain, but I wouldn’t submerge it. In addition to that, mine survived two trips on united with the TSA going through the bag both ways!

      I can’t say enough good things about it.

      • Ok thanks Nick. At least on the pictures the battery cover looks more protected and robust than the one on Stages, so fingers crossed that it can handle all the rain I cycle in! 😉 Ordered one so looking forward to test it! Rgds

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