Confidence in the Pool

I had a good swim today.

My day at work did not start off so well.  As the day went on, my stress level increased.  By early afternoon, I was at wits end.  I left work and went straight to the gym.  My goal was to swim, then go home for a little while to walk the dogs, and return to the gym for my swim lesson.  My afternoon did not go as planned, it was better.

As I walked to the pool, the water was smooth.  Yes!  I had the pool all to myself.  Before getting in the water, I emailed my swim coach to see if we could meet earlier than we planned.  She didn’t respond, so I began my 1500 yd swim.

My first 200 was better than I expected.  I kept going.  I finished my first set of drills, and saw someone walk into the pool area.  It was Nick.  I completed my second set of drills, then my cool-down.  As I was taking off my swim cap and googles, another person entered the pool area.  It was my swim coach.  She happened to show up to the pool early for her 4:45 session, so we had a quick lesson before I left.

We chatted about my progress in the pool.  She watched me swim and gave me a few more items to work on.  She complimented me, saying I looked much more comfortable and confident in the water compared to when she started working with me a few months ago.  I finished with her as Nick was getting out of the pool.  Talk about perfect timing!

Even though I had a rough start to my day, it ended on a high note with a fantastic swim and positive feedback on my progress in the pool.

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