Weekly Activity Report 01/31/2016

We are still trucking along in our training.  We’ve both been pretty consistent in doing our prescribed workouts.  Most of our work lately has been focused on spadework and form.

My swim is getting faster and stronger.  My last few swims, I’ve been extremely pleased with my time and the progress that I’ve made.

Weekly Activity Report ending 01/31/2016:

Emily –
92,177 Fitbit steps (daily average 13,168)
Run 10 miles
Bike 79.6 miles
Swim 4400 yds
Strength 34 minutes

Nick –
112,027 Fitbit steps (daily average 16,004)
Run 12.9 miles
Bike 64.7 miles
Swim 4200 yds
Strength 30 minutes

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