Dance Party at the Gym

This offseason is focused on strength training and weight loss.  Yesterday morning, Nick and I went to the gym to do weights and a 30 minute run.  When we walked in, the treadmills were nearly all occupied so we started with the weights.  While doing our reps, there was a father and son working out near us.  The little boy was using some weights similar in size to mine.  There were a few times he picked up a weight that I was going to use, so I, in turn, stepped up my game and used a heavier weight.  I later found out he was 12 years old; which made me feel pretty weak.  Although, he did make me push myself harder than I normally would have.

Amazing Muscles on this Kid

Amazing Muscles on this Kid

After the weights we headed to the treadmills.  Our gym has 4 rows of about 10 machines each, the treadmills are in the second row.  Nick and I chose two treadmills on the right hand side of the row.  He began his run; and I was walking due to still having pain from a muscle spasm earlier in my right leg.  Anyway, we were both on the treadmill doing our own thing; listening to our own music.  About halfway through the workout, a good song came on, and I began lip syncing.  I looked at Nick and he started dancing.  We then began a silly little dance off – he would “sing” and dance, then I would “sing” and dance.  I’m sure we were quite a spectacle for anyone that was watching, but it was fun and made the time go by quickly.


We probably didn’t look this cool

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