Weekly Activity Report 10/25/2015

Austin 70.3 training, week 10 – peak week, also known as “my coach hates me” week.  Actually, the week wasn’t as bad as it sounds; just lots of long workouts; including 2200 yd swim, 50 mile bike (3 hour trainer ride), and a 10 mile run, to name a few.  My body longs for next week’s recovery.

Below are our distance as well as our Fitbit steps from last week.

Weekly Activity Report ending 10/25/2015:

Emily –
124,290 steps (daily average 17,756)
Run 17 miles
Bike 86.4 miles
Swim 2200 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Nick –
129,650 steps (daily average 18,521)
Run 19 miles
Bike 96.5 miles
Swim 2200 yds
Strength 0 minutes

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