Weekly Activity Report 10/18/2015

Training Week 9 had several bike rides.  I felt like we were constantly riding the bike.  All of our rides were done on the trainer.  Also, as promised by the coach last week, we had another attempt at an Olympic this weekend.  We swam, then biked on the trainer, then quickly changed clothes and ran outside.  Not my most ideal triathlon, but we made it work.

Below are our distance as well as our Fitbit steps from last week.

Weekly Activity Report ending 10/18/2015:

Emily –
135,801 steps (daily average 19,400)
Run 9.6 miles
Bike 84.5 miles
Swim 3100 yds
Strength 12 minutes

Nick –
132,744 steps (daily average 18,963)
Run 13.7 miles
Bike 86.9 miles
Swim 3000 yds
Strength 60 minutes

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