The Mock Olympic X2


Last weekend we were asked to complete a Mock Olympic distance workout.  This consisted of:

1500 Yards (pool swim, it is too cold up here to be in the lake)
25 Miles Cycling
6.2 Miles Running

So we started out last weekend strong.  On Sunday morning we headed to the gym and completed 1500 Yards in the pool wearing wetsuits.  Ok, so people think you are weird when you wear a wetsuit in the pool and we know it isn’t the best thing for the wetsuit, but it was important to us to get some time in the wetsuit.  Ultimately, one person asked me what was going on as I exited the pool and I told her that we were training and since it was so cold outside we needed to do this in the pool.  She was pretty understanding.

After getting out of the pool we headed to transition (my truck loaded up with the bikes and all necessary equipment).  After getting helmets and shoes on, we were on our way . . . briefly.  At around the 5 mile mark I noticed something wasn’t going well with my bike.  I was hearing a rubbing noise and I decided to stop.  I had punctured my rear tube somewhere and needed to change it out.  GREAT!  This was going to be a good test of how fast I could change my tube in the event that I got a flat on race day.  Except it didn’t quite go like that.

I took the bad tube off in about 60 seconds.  I removed my spare from my bike and unfolded it.  Then I realized I had made a very stupid mistake.  My new FLO 60s require a longer valve and my spare didn’t have one on it.  No problem, I thought, I can just unscrew it from the flat and with some effort, get it on my spare.  NOPE!  The spare I had doesn’t have a removable valve stem.

Emily had stopped with me and offered to go get the truck while I stood on the side of the road.  5 Miles into a 25 mile ride and we were done.  Emily got to about the halfway point since she had to go back for the truck, but I just paced around waiting for 20 or 30 minutes.  I stopped my watch since there was no point in timing my pacing.

When we got to the house we put on running shoes and went out for our run.  My problem was that I hadn’t been moving for a while and I was frustrated.  So around 5.5 Miles I just gave up on the run (stupid, right?)  That close to the 6.2 miles and I just couldn’t handle it anymore.


This weekend, we were assigned the same workout.  The only problem we were going to have is that the weather had turned cold over the last week and it wasn’t all that appealing to think about going on a 25 mile ride outside, traveling 17 MPH, with wind and at 32 degrees.  So we made the decision that we would complete our swim at the gym, come home and ride the 25 miles on the trainer, then change clothes and go outside for the run.

The swim was fantastic.  With the wetsuit on, I was able to complete my 1500 Yards at approximately 1:58/100.  I am not the strongest swimmer, so this was amazing for me.  Since we would be traveling home for the ride/run, I rinsed my wetsuit very well, changed and headed for the door.

We arrived home and got on the bike pretty quickly.  Doing this on the trainer, I cranked up the resistance a bit.  I didn’t want the ride to be too easy.  Ultimately, I finished the 25 miles in just under an hour and a half.  During the ride, I started the movie Noah (Russell Crowe).  Now, I attended a Catholic grade school for a few years and attended 3 years at a Jesuit University, and I can honestly say that I was never informed that there were rock monsters in the bible or that Noah’s adopted daughter was kind of slutty.  I guess they left all the really cool parts out.  I wasn’t very interested in the movie and Emily wasn’t watching at all, so when I finished my bike, I turned the movie off.  I don’t think I will ever return to finish it.

On to the run.  After the bike I was quite sweaty and it was still in the 30s outside.  I put on my running tights, shorts, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt and my shoes (pretty happy with my Newtons so far).  The first half mile was pretty cool.  Not shivering cold, but definitely cold.  Around the 2 mile mark, I took a look at my pace and I was doing pretty well for having just ridden 25 miles (9:55/Mile).  I kept going and around mile 4 I thought I would need to take a walk break, but I kept looking ahead and giving myself goals to achieve before I did it.  And each time I achieved the goal, I would set a new one.  By the time I hit mile 5, I was out of water.  The final deal I made with myself was to make it to the park, where there was a water fountain (bubbler for fellow Wisconsinites) and I could take a quick break to refill my bottle.  But, when I got to the fountain and noticed I was less than a mile to complete my 6.2 miles, I just couldn’t do it.

I finished the run pretty close the house, shut down my watch and walked back, content that I had finished the distances.

Unhappy that I didn’t complete it the first weekend, but very excited to have completed it this weekend.  And . . . this was the longest workout I have completed with activities strung together like this.  Austin is just a few weeks away and I am feeling a lot more confident this time around.

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