Spectating Ironman Wisconsin

On Sunday, September 13th, we loaded the dogs and headed towards Madison to spectate at Ironman Wisconsin.  Since Madison is over 2 hours from our house, Nick and I knew we wouldn’t make the start of the race.  So we decided the best thing would be for us to leave in the morning to watch the athletes off the bike and the leaders of the pack cross the finish line.

We’ve been spectators at Ironman Texas, Ironman 70.3 Galveston, and Ironman 70.3 Racine.  These races have ample space to bring dogs and still be in sight of the finish line.  Although we had seen pictures and read about Ironman Wisconsin, we didn’t realize the finish line and area near transition were close quarters and not ideal for the dogs.

We arrived around noon and walked around, trying to get a close view of the transition area.  We found a spot near bike out and waited for the leaders of the bike to begin their run.

IMWI Runner 1  IMWI Run

We made our way down to the capital to find a spot a little calmer, as the dogs were getting a little antsy with all of the noise as the athletes made their way out of transition.


We grabbed a bite to eat, and found a spot in the shade to cheer the runners as they made their first (and second) lap around the capitol.


IMWI State Capitol

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