I Think My Coach Hates Me . . .

. . .Or, how I learned to stop fighting my schedule and learned to love the pain.

Over the past couple of weeks our coach has given us some pretty tough workouts, but today took the cake.  When I tell you what he did to me, I think you will agree that he is awful.

The whole week, I was looking forward to what he would schedule for the recovery week.  I knew that it would be slightly easier than what I had been doing.  I counted down every run, bike, swimming and brick workout last week so that I could get to the easy stuff.  The schedule came through at the end of the week and it all seemed so easy.  I loaded it in my calendar and forgot about it while I finished last week’s workouts.

Saturday I finished my trainer ride in the evening.  Sunday I completed a bike/run brick, though I have to say that the run hurt a little bit.  Monday I woke up with the thought in my head that today began recovery week and I was going to have easy workouts.  I thought in my head that I only had to swim today and it was going to be an easy swim.

Then, as if to destroy me, Emily reminded me that in addition to the swim today, I also had to run.  I didn’t want to run.  I ran yesterday.  Certainly my schedule didn’t have this.  I couldn’t remember it being there.  Yet, there it was on my calendar.  I don’t think it was there when I went to sleep Sunday night.

I decided that I had to keep the schedule.  So I ran this morning, reluctantly.

This afternoon, I got in the water for a 1200 meter swim and something weird happened.  I enjoyed myself and I swam well.  I could have kept going.

It was at the point that I decided I could have kept going that I decided that coach apparently knows what he is doing and I am going to keep to the schedule, even if I disagree with it.

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