Weekly Activity Report 08/16/2015

Neither Nick nor I received our Fitbit stats for the week ending 08/09/2015, which suits me just fine.  We will report on the race, just know it didn’t go according to plan.  Right now, we’re headed to the gym to work on improving our swim.

Below step counts and distances for last week; mostly we just sulked and brainstormed on a redemption plan.

Weekly Activity Report ending 08/16/2015:

Emily –
76,380 steps (daily average 10,911)
Run 0 mile
Bike 0 miles
Swim 0 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Nick –
96,594 steps (daily average 13,799)
Run 2.0 miles
Bike 0 miles
Swim 0 yds
Strength 0 minutes

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