We’re Back . . . With News

When we got back to Wisconsin, it was time to decide on our big race for the season.  We passed some ideas around and even considered racing separate events so that we had someone around to support us before, during, and after the race.  It made a lot of sense when we first discussed it, but it also meant double the travel cost for races.

The two races we were down to were Ironman Racine 70.3 and Steelhead 70.3.  We were sure we would do Racine, in fact up until this week, that was the race without a second option.  Then we got to looking and decided Steelhead looked like a nicer location, a slightly easier course, and it is 3 weeks after Racine (who doesn’t want extra training time?).

So it is at this point that we want to let everyone know that we are going to race Ironman Steelhead 70.3 in August.  We are signed up and committed and excited to do it!

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