Triathlon Coverage

This season I have been trying to keep up with Triathlon, specifically Ironman race.  I am trying to find ways to keep up with other events as well.  I think this season has been a little easier for me because for several races I have known someone who is racing, which is pretty cool.

During the Galveston race, I downloaded Irontrac for my iPhone.  The app updates frequently during the race.  The hard part is picking out people to watch.  For Ironman Texas, I followed a colleague from my old job.  It was great to see someone I know finish the race, even though it was from an app on my phone.

I am looking for suggestions on other phone applications to keep up with other events.  Also, why aren’t more races televised?  I get that the whole race would be tough, but transition and ins/outs would be cool.

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