Sunday Ride and Fall

Sunday the forecast called for clear skies in the morning, then rain beginning around 1pm and continuing all afternoon.  I am still getting comfortable with my tri bike, and didn’t want to chance getting stuck in the rain.  Therefore, we decided to take our bikes out in the morning for a ride-run brick.

We left the house around 9am.  I was a bit unsteady on the bike, and the gusts of winds didn’t help the situation.  I took several breaks to catch my breath, take a few sips of water, and allow my heart rate to slow down.  The anxiety of being on the new bike and not having confidence in my ride was causing me to have a mental meltdown.  At one point, I thought, “What if I just don’t use my tri bike?  I can easily complete races on my road bike, and not have to worry about learning to ride another bike.”  I quickly dismissed this idea.  I mean, what’s the point in owning a tri bike if you’re not going to use it?

As the miles clicked on, my confidence began to build.  I was changing gears with more ease, and able to switch between my aerobars and handlebars and back with more poise than before.  I didn’t constantly feel like I was going to topple over.

Just before we rode 7 miles, it began misting rain.  Although I’m a big proponent of finishing a workout rain or shine, I really didn’t want to take the chances of an accident occurring with slick roads and poor visual conditions.  As we made our way back, the rain continued.  We were at the end of the trail with a left turn and 3 miles north to the house.  Nick was ahead of me.  He and another bike rider were stopped at the road waiting to cross traffic.  As I approached, I unclipped my right foot.  When my foot hit the wet pavement, it slid causing me to lose my balance.  All of my weight now shifted left.  My left foot was still secure in the pedal, and my reflexes weren’t fast enough to save my fall.  I ungracefully hit the ground, landing on my knee and hip.  My body was jolted and my ego was wounded.  I got up, brushed off my knee which had a mild case of road rash and got back on the bike.  We made it home with no further incidents.

We parked our bikes and began a quick 1-mile run in light rain.  My knee was hurting a little, but my legs were fine.  We returned home and I put medicine on my knee.  We cleaned the bikes and relaxed for the remainder of the day.

Just in case you were wondering about the thunderstorms, they never came. We had a light shower in the afternoon, but it wasn’t even enough rain to register in our rain gauge.

As far as my fall, I have bruises on my knee and hip, a brush burn on my knee, and a newfound respect for wet roads.  My bike was nearly unscathed, with only a scuff on the rear skewer handle.

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