Pandemic – Contagion

Pandemic Contagion

While we were out today, we found a tabletop game shop in Milwaukee.  Since we love board games, we decided to stop in and take a look around.  It was a great shop and had a ton of games to choose from, including a new 10th anniversary copy of Ticket to Ride that comes with upgraded cards, an expansion pack and a new board with incredible detail.  Since we have a copy of the game, it was easy to pass on it.

We shopped around a little and came across Settlers of Cataan, which we still don’t have a copy of, but decided against it for now.  They had some new, or new to us, expansion packs for Ticket To Ride.  The only problem I have with this is that the original game is so good, we hardly ever play the expansion boards.

Finally, we found some new  Pandemic expansion packs and a stand alone game.  Contagion is a resource management game for 2 to 5 players.  While it is a game based on the player taking the role of a disease and eradicating cities around the world, it could easily be anything else.  Since it is Pandemic related and the user takes the role of a disease, it might be considered as a little morbid.  We played a few rounds and thought it was fun, and I’m sure playing with a larger group could bring some great comedy to a gruesome concept.

Like any game, it took us a few rounds to figure out the mechanics.  We then decided to take a look at some videos to understand better.  Even after three endeavors, we still found we had a misunderstanding of the rules, and the videos helped to clarify the rules we were unsure of.

Gameplay is pretty quick, taking about 20 minutes to play with 2 people and likely around 40 minutes with 4 or 5 people.  It is a great game and nice to have something a little quicker to play.

The game comes with:

5 Tracking Cards – 1 for each disease
75 disease cubes – 15 of each color (disease)
5 petri dishes for storage of of said disease cubes
24 City Cards
12 Event Cards
6 W.H.O. Cards
60 colored Contagion game cards
Scoring Card

I really like that they included the petri dishes with this game.  It seems crazy, but it is really nice for storage and it’s a nice homage to the fact that the game is focused on diseases.

Overall, we enjoyed the game and I envision us pulling it out from time to time and we will likely take it on the family vacation we have planned for next month.

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  1. Hi Carey,

    We have been playing the game for several weeks now and we really enjoy it. We did figure out that cards didn’t need to match to mutate our diseases. There is still one action that gets us every game. When Paris is taken out, the person who eliminates the city gets to “return any non-active event card to the top of the deck”. Does this mean one of the 3(6) that were not used in the game? or is it one that has already been played during the game? Just not sure how exactly to play that one.

    Appreciate your comment.


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