Gardening Workout

For Christmas 2013, I gave Emily a raised garden structure made of cedar to put in our yard.  It was something that she had wanted since we moved in and we had never gotten around to it.  As summer rolled around, we both grew tired of our jobs and we were spending a lot of time searching for new opportunities.  Since we were so focused on finding something new that summer, we decided it wasn’t the best time to put the garden together.  As it turns out as we rolled into the heat of summer, I was offered my new job and we were hell bent on getting everything in the house updated to have it ready to sell quickly.

As summer approaches here in Wisconsin, and as we clean out the garage and storage areas, we decided to put the garden structure together and get vegetables planted.  I am happy with the construction of the garden, the manufacturer has done a great job assembling an easy to put-together kit.

This year we have planted squash, broccoli, tomatoes, jalepenos, mixed peppers, and okra.

Backyard Vegetable Garden

In addition to the vegetable garden, Emily also planted a little herb garden.  Her dad built this and gave it to us before we left Texas.  We have had it on our front porch since we moved in and are very happy to finally be able to use it.

In the herb garden we planted cilantro, basil, oregano, and green onions.

Front Porch Herb Garden

If all works out this will be a wonderful summer here in Wisconsin to eat fresh vegetables.  Hopefully we can post progress pictures as some of this starts to sprout.  If it all dies, I may just never bring it up again.

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