Crisis Averted

With all of the new houses going in around the neighborhood, Emily and I decided that we would smoke a brisket this weekend and invite our neighbors and some friends over for an afternoon barbecue.

Yesterday morning, I took the brisket out and put together my rub.  It looked great.  I was really excited to get it on the smoker and more importantly to eat it.

This morning, I woke up at 5 to put the meat on the smoker.  Once on, I set a timer on my phone so that I would remember to check the brisket.  I have in the past forgotten about it and dried it out.

About 30 minutes before my timer went off, I decided to get a new cup of coffee.  I noticed that the smoker was producing a significant amount of smoke.  That’s great, the more smoke, the more flavor.  I hadn’t ever seen my Traeger produce that much smoke, so I wanted to investigate.  When I opened the pit I was greeted with:



Emily and I sprung to action.  Emily grabbed a pan, I grabbed tongs and removed the brisket.  I waited to take the picture above to save the meat.

Crisis AvertedWith the brisket in the oven, we pulled the smoker apart.  The fire appears to have started from a build up of grease on the grease tray from previous cooking which then stopped the grease from this meat from leaving the tray and thus catching fire.

We took about 10 minutes to clean everything up and then we re-fired the pit.  Once at temperature, we removed the brisket from the oven and re-applied it to the smoker.

Lessons Learned:
1. Pay close attention to your smoking meat
2. Clean the Traeger with relative frequency
3. A little fire won’t kill your food
4. Good teamwork makes quick and easy work of a crisis



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