Carb Boom Energy Gels

Carb Boom!

In an effort to find some good nutrition for our workouts, we have ventured into some new things.  Stridebox has been helpful, but hasn’t yet provided us the perfect solution.  USAT has some suggestions here and there, so we tried one of their recommendations.

Carb Boom is a gel that is flavored naturally.  We figured this would be a good solution since neither of us really like the gels.  Boom Nutrition has a bit of information online about the flavoring, and from the sound of it, we were really excited.  The apple cinnamon flavor sounded like it was going to have apple sauce in it.  How bad could it be?  Well, the answer is that the flavors that I have tried so far (apple cinnamon and vanilla orange) have tasted just fine, in fact they are likely the best tasting gels I have ever had.

The problem is the texture.  Gels just have terrible mouth feel.  I did ok with the apple cinnamon the other day, but Sunday I tried the vanilla orange.  When I ate it I had a quick vomit reflex, again not from taste.  I downed some water while it was in my mouth and that corrected it.

Overall, these are quite good.  I just wish someone would find a way to get the gel out and make it more puree like.

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