Work Travel Training

Training for running, let alone triathlon, takes up a considerable amount of time and requires quite a bit of consistency.  I travel quite a bit for work, so I have to adjust my training plan to accommodate the training schedule.

For the most part, every hotel I stay in tends to have a weight room and a few treadmills.  This makes it easy to pick up these workouts without missing too much.  Also, since a lot of my trips are to the southern states, it tends to be warmer than Wisconsin and allows for some outdoor runs as well.  The only issues that occur come when I have early travel schedules.  Leaving the house at 3am and trying to get a run in that night is quite difficult.

Swimming adds an additional complexity.  Some hotels I stay in have pools, but they are typically just hang out pools and not necessarily lap pools . . . and they are all mostly shut down.  I don’t think any of them have been open since I started traveling in September of last year.

The most impossible of training exercises while traveling is cycling.  I don’t think that gym bikes simulate cycling as much as the inventor would have thought, and taking my bike with me on a 3-day trip doesn’t make a lot of sense.

This whole post is essentially to let everyone know that my training has completely fallen by the wayside this week because of a cruddy travel schedule.  And to make matters worse, I am traveling next week as well.  I am out Tuesday to Thursday for work, getting home Thursday afternoon. I just have time to pack and leave again on Friday.  But at least when I leave on Friday it is to support Emily in her first race of the season down in Houston.

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