Weekly Activity Report 04/19/2015

These numbers are sad considering it’s not a taper week.  Nick was out of town for a few days and sick most of the week.  I only went to the gym once to swim.  We are pretty much counting April as a bust.  I guess sometimes you just need a break.  Below are our numbers for the week.  For having such a slow week, our Fitbit stats weren’t too bad.

This coming Sunday is my first race of the season!

Weekly Activity Report ending 04/19/2015:

Emily –
86,610 steps (daily average 12,373)
Run 10.3 miles
Bike 15.5 miles
Swim 975 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Nick –
81,333 steps (daily average 11,619)
Run 10 miles
Bike 5.5 miles
Swim 0 yds
Strength 0 minutes

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