Running Sick 04/18/2015

I posted recently about training while traveling.  I find it quite difficult, and over the past couple weeks I have traveled a bit.  Since my training has dropped off a little bit, I think my body decided it was a safe time to get sick.  It seems like anytime I take a break I get sick.

Saturday we were scheduled for a 10K, and with a completely congested head, I tried to talk myself out of it while we walked the dogs this morning.

– It was too windy to run
– My head doesn’t feel good
– Maybe it will be nicer tomorrow

I could go on but this is the gist of the arguments I was making, not only to myself, but to Emily as well.

Well, all that argument didn’t get me out of the run, and I felt terrible.  I had a plan for my terrible run.  At 2.5 miles, I would turn around.  This would put me near the house at 5 miles and I could then decide whether I would finish the final 1.2 or just stop at the house.

As it turns out, at around 4.5 miles, my body really felt bad.  Emily and I split up as I headed straight for the house and she redirected herself to complete 10K before getting to the house.  My stomach was not having any more running, but I had to at least make it to the house.

At 5 miles, I farted big.  I then entered our neighborhood and finished the 10k before arriving back at the house.  As it turns out, Emily entered the neighborhood just after me.  We took slightly different paths and didn’t see each other until we were at the house.

This was a terrible run for me as I felt bad the entire time.  I am glad I did it, but some days I just don’t want to.

What do you think, should you run when you are sick or just not feeling well?

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