Running in the Wind

Saturday morning we went on a run, originally scheduled for 10 miles.  We headed out running east about 3 miles into Sheboygan with the wind at our backs.  The weather was a cool 43 degrees and getting warmer as the day progressed.  Our plan was to run around a few parks to get in extra miles, then run west to come home, sort of an out and back run with a few detours.  The parks had barricades across the entrances indicating they were closed.  We needed an alternate route, so we continued south for approximately 1 mile, then turned west, making a square rather than the original out and back.

Emily at Pigeon River  Sheboygan Welcomes You  Sheboygan, WI

Once we turned west, we were running straight into the wind.  The wind was awful.  When we left the house it was blowing 14.3 mph, when we returned home the weather reported 19.9 mph winds.  Like I said, the wind was awful!  Also, it didn’t help when we were running uphill against the wind.  Our total elevation gain was just over 400 feet, one of our largest gains to date.  Besides the wind threatening to knock us over or push us backwards, we maintained a steady pace.

Throughout the run, I only monitored my heart rate.  I figured this was a good indicator of the effort being exerted.  There were a few times I had to slow myself down to maintain my target heart rate.  There were also times I glanced at my watch and my heart rate was low, I was slowing down to a comfortable pace, so I had to speed up a little to get back in my target range.  This really helped me to not allow myself to take it easy on the run, like I tend to do, and to also increase my speed without overexerting myself.

Nick at I-43 Underpass  Sheboygan Running  Sheboygan, WI

We reached the 8 mile mark just before returning to our neighborhood.  Nick and I were both pretty tired of fighting the wind, so we decided the distance was sufficient.  We were both happy with our pace and our ability to overcome the hills and the wind.

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