Registered for Our First Triathlon

This weekend we registered for our first triathlon, the Elkhart Lake Sprint Event!!!  Because we are new to the area, the last few months we’ve asked people about local tri events.  Elkhart Lake is consistently the number one race recommended to us.  For that reason, we decided to make it our first triathlon.


The Elkhart Sprint is a 400M swim, 20K bike, and 5K run held on June 13, 2015.  According to the event website, the water temperature is usually between 61-72 degrees, therefore wetsuits are highly recommended.  The bike course is through rolling hills (oh, good) in north Sheboygan County, and the run is an out and back.

Without a doubt, Nick and I are looking forward to our first tri.  I am a little nervous about the open water swim and the need for a wetsuit in the cold water.  But that’s why you train, to overcome those obstacles and mentally prepare for the race.

Let the countdown begin!

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