New Bike Fun

A few days ago Emily posted about purchasing new bikes, she mentioned how great Endurance House was and our incredible experience there.  What she didn’t mention is that the store offers a shopping spree when purchasing the bike.  This is a great opportunity to get your new bike decked out with all the great stuff that you need to get rolling.

There are all kinds of things that are necessary for riding, like water bottle cages, pedals, shoes, and most importantly riding shorts.  Many of these things we already have for our road bikes, but we don’t necessarily want to take everything off of those bikes since we still intend to use them.

Today we ran down to the shop to pick up a few of these things.  Emily chose to get an aero bar mounted water bottle, which I am excited to hear more about.  I chose to purchase and mount a couple of bottles to the back of my seat for now.  Once Emily has tested her bottle out, I will decide whether I want to go that direction or just deal with the standard bottles/cages.

Unfortunately, Endurance House doesn’t yet carry Speedplay, so I am foregoing new pedals for the time being and just swapping my current pedals between bikes.  I like Speedplay because I don’t have to worry about which side of the pedal is up when I clip in.  I wish I had more of reason to like them, but this is my main reason.  They are easy to use.  In conjunction with the pedals, I have decided to update my shoes, a shiny new pair of Pearl Izumi tri shoes.

Finally, the most important purchase of all today, is the riding shorts.  Anyone who has ridden a longer distance on a road or tri bike will attest to the fact that the seat can provide some (and by some I mean a lot of) discomfort to one’s underside.  This is said pretty lightly and gently, if you have a better way of saying it I would happily accept other phrasing.  All that said, I had one pair of shorts, and now am a two short rider.  This should make things easier in the laundry timing department.

I am getting more and more excited to ride as we go forward, and a great 22 mile ride yesterday made me even more amped to add to my bike equipment today.

We should be getting some nice weather tomorrow and plan on a long run outside.  Anyone else have a plan for a good workout Saturday?  Also, if you do have a better phrase for the pain that comes from riding, please let me know.

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