March 2015 Totals

We hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter.  We went to church early this morning, and headed to the pool for a quick swim this afternoon.  Our gym is closing the lap pool this coming week for maintenance, so we’re not sure if we’ll get any swimming in this week.  We are smoking a pork roast for dinner and have enjoyed our quiet day.

Below are our totals for the month of March.  Our swimming numbers were fantastic!  Upon taking the advice to “make the pool trip worth our while,” we really have adhered to that philosophy and have seen an improvement in our swimming.  This month, as expected, all of our distances increased.  We are up to 30 miles on the bike trainer, and looking forward to the warmer weather and riding outside.

Health club dues were $5.06 per visit.

Emily Jan Feb Mar
Swim (miles) 1.4 2.8 6.8
Bike (miles) 102.0 102.4 143.4
Run (miles) 34.0 21.7 25.4
Strength (min) 99 109 183
Nick Jan Feb Mar
Swim (miles) 1.6 3.3 5.8
Bike (miles) 89.0 116.4 125.0
Run (miles) 42.1 36.8 48.0
Strength (min) 76 88 123

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