Learning to Swim – The Prequel

As stated in my original Learning to Swim Again post, I am not afraid of the water.  Actually, I am pretty comfortable in the water.  In my quest to further my knowledge of swimming, I checked out another resource from Total Immersion.

Happy Laps is sort of a prequel to the Freestyle: Made Easy DVD.  The DVD gets you acquainted with being in the water.  Much like the Freestyle DVD, it is split into lessons and has drills along the way for you to practice in the water (most of them are with a buddy).  It teaches you to get your face wet and to not be afraid of the water.  You then move on to holding your breath underwater, floating, and completely submerging yourself underwater.  Finally, you begin swimming drills (some are very similar to the Freestyle DVD) to help with form.  While the DVD teaches you drills, you do not actually learn to “swim freestyle”.

Happy Laps is intended for novice swimmers – maybe you are afraid of the water, do not know how to swim, or are scared of sinking.  If you are  comfortable being in the water and holding your breath underwater, but (like me) need help learning to swim freestyle, I would start with the Freestyle Made Easy DVD.

While this DVD wasn’t necessarily beneficial to me, I believe it can definitely help those who are ill-at-ease in the water.

This is part of a series of posts of the Total Immersion DVDs:
For those comfortable in the water with basic knowledge of swimming and looking to improve form on your freestyle swimming, please read Learning to Swim Again as an Adult and Beginner Triathlete.

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