Emily’s 2015 Goals – Q1 Update

In January, I set goals for the year and promised quarterly updates.  We are 25% of the way through the year.  Before writing this update, I really thought I was doing good.  Now I realize I have work to do and need to get moving on some of these goals.

Emily’s 2015 Goals, Progress Update as of 03/31/2015:
1.  Run 500 miles – 81.1 miles, approximately 16% complete.  I’m behind on this one, but I’m not too worried about this because my mileage is increasing as we are running longer distances.

2.  Complete a triathlon – We are considering Elkhart Triathlon in June, as well as Ironman 70.3 Racine in July of this year.  Training as going great and we are looking forward to the races.

3.  Read 20 books – 2 books (10%) completed thus far. I have several books marked “to read”, and just need to find the time to read them.

4.  Learn a new language – I’ve been slacking on my Rosetta Stone recently.  I’m working on have this complete before our trip to France in December.

5.  Make Christmas cards – We took pictures at Christmastime last year and I’m hoping to use them for the Christmas cards.  Most likely I won’t finish this goal until later in the year, you know, around Christmas.

6.  100 days of miles (running) – 38 days of running have been logged for 2015.  I’m well on my way to finishing this goal early, just need to get my mileage up on these runs.

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