Chocolate Sticky Bites

Recently, I began searching for recipes for homemade nutrition to eat on the go.  I’m not a fan of Gu, something about the texture gags me.  I typically eat Honey Stinger Chews.  They are portable and kind of melt in your mouth, but the longer workouts have me wanting a variety.  Plus, my body is sensitive to too much sugar, as in I crash and burn.  I have to pair sugar with protein, otherwise I have a meltdown (similar to that of a toddler).  I also don’t particularly like sweets (probably because of the aftereffects), I prefer more of a salty, savory foods.  All of the on-the-go nutrition supplements seem to be really sweet and made of only sugars (i.e. – honey, molasses, sugar, syrup).  Thus began my search for recipes that are high in carbs, but not necessarily high in sugar.

USAT recently posted a Feed Zone Portable recipe for Bitter Chocolate & Sea Salt Sticky Bites.  I made them last week and tried them on our run Saturday.  The recipe made approximately two dozen bites, one ounce each.  It was easy to follow, and I had most of the ingredients in the house, with the exception of sticky rice.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed.

Chocolate Sticky Bites, Endurance Nutrition

First of all, when I made these bites, I tasted them.  They were a little sweet with a hint of chocolate.  On the run, I didn’t taste any of the sugar or chocolate.  They were pretty much flavorless, picture eating a bite of plain rice.  And the bites were sticky, like really sticky.  I wiped my hands on my pants, but was left with a film of sugar on my hands for the remainder of the run.

Second, the recipe says, “On your next ride, try bitter chocolate and sea salt sticky bites, a delicious portable snack made from real food.”  Well, I should have listened to their advice.  Even though these were bite-size portions, it is extremely difficult to breathe and chew these rice bites while running.  I think these would have been much easier to handle on a bike ride.

Finally, I wrapped the bites individually in plastic wrap.  The recipe does not state how to store these, other than in an airtight container.  So I put the wrapped bites in a Ziplock bag and stored them in the pantry.  I made these on Thursday, and by Sunday they had molded.  I considered storing them in the refrigerator, but typically rice doesn’t keep well in there.  Next time, I may try freezing any extras that won’t be consumed within a day or two.

Overall, I was happy to try something new.  I like the idea of using complex carbs as nutrition for longer rides and runs.  I just need to find the right recipe.  What’s your nutrition on longer workouts?  Do you make your own or just stick to gels and chews?

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