Weekly Activity Report 04/26/2015

Still recovering from this weekend.  I will post a race report in the next couple of days.  Below are our distances for the week including Fitbit step stats.

Weekly Activity Report ending 04/26/2015:

Emily –
105,659 steps (daily average 15,094)
Run 14.6 miles
Bike 0 miles
Swim 2900 yds
Strength 22 minutes

Nick –
86,049 steps (daily average 12,293)
Run 9.5 miles
Bike 0 miles
Swim 0 yds
Strength 0 minutes

It’s Race Weekend

Hello to anyone reading this weekend. . .

We are on our way to Houston for Emily’s race this weekend and as such, we won’t be posting on the site until Monday or Tuesday.  We will, however, be posting on Twitter during the weekend.  On Race day, Sunday, we will follow the athletes of the Ironman 70.3 Galveston and I will be posting about the Relay Team as they progress through the race.

I am very excited to support Emily and her team for this race (Team EEK).

Twitter – @cajunmile

Garmin Foot Pod Review

In December, my Garmin fenix 2 began miscalculating my pace on the treadmill.  Thus, skewing my data on Garmin Connect, including my VO2 Max.  Read more about it in my Unboxing post.

I ordered the Garmin foot pod at the end of January and after I calibrated it outdoors, I began running with it on the treadmill.  I used the Garmin foot pod as well as the Nike+ foot pod on the runs to compare the data.

Below are the distances calculated for 25 runs – 4 were outdoors and 21 on the treadmill.  The differences were mostly negligible.  There were a few runs, including the most recent, that had a difference of nearly 0.2 miles.  Although, over the course of the 25 runs, the Garmin calculated 1.33 miles more than the Nike+.

Date Run Type Fenix2 Nike+ Delta
1/29/2015 Treadmill 2.02 1.95 0.07
2/1/2015 Treadmill 3.11 3.15 -0.04
2/2/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.92 0.09
2/3/2015 Treadmill 1.76 1.77 -0.01
2/5/2015 Treadmill 1.37 1.30 0.07
2/12/2015 Treadmill 1.30 1.27 0.03
2/16/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.96 0.05
2/19/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.95 0.06
2/22/2015 Treadmill 3.10 2.98 0.12
2/23/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.97 0.04
2/26/2015 Treadmill 2.01 1.94 0.07
2/28/2015 Treadmill 5.01 5.16 -0.15
3/2/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.95 0.06
3/3/2015 Treadmill 2.01 1.90 0.11
3/5/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.95 0.06
3/8/2015 Outdoors 6.21 6.22 -0.01
3/10/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.93 0.08
3/16/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.94 0.07
3/21/2015 Outdoors 8.01 8.08 -0.07
3/23/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.91 0.10
3/26/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.87 0.14
3/31/2015 Outdoors 3.10 3.07 0.03
4/4/2015 Outdoors 8.01 7.98 0.03
4/13/2015 Treadmill 1.01 0.87 0.14
4/22/2015 Treadmill 1.48 1.29 0.19
TOTAL 59.61 58.28 1.33

As far as ease of use, the Garmin foot pod connects much more quickly to the fenix 2 than the Nike foot pod connects to the watch.  The Garmin is also nice in that it uses a replaceable CO2032 battery which can be purchased just about anywhere for a couple of dollars.  Whereas the Nike foot pod does not have a replaceable battery, you have to purchase a new foot pod, costing around $20.

The Garmin foot pod connects directly onto the shoe with it’s included lace clip.  I typically leave it on my shoe and have not had any issues with it falling off.  The Nike+ sensor is not standalone.  You either have to wear shoes that accept the Nike+ foot pod or buy a pouch to connect it to your shoe.  The sensors are approximately the same size.

Garmin and Nike Foot Pods

Garmin and Nike Foot Pods

Overall, I am satisfied with the Garmin foot pod.  It took one outdoor run to calibrate and I haven’t had any issues since.  My Garmin Connect data, including VO2 Max and pace, are back to normal.

Chocolate Sticky Bites

Recently, I began searching for recipes for homemade nutrition to eat on the go.  I’m not a fan of Gu, something about the texture gags me.  I typically eat Honey Stinger Chews.  They are portable and kind of melt in your mouth, but the longer workouts have me wanting a variety.  Plus, my body is sensitive to too much sugar, as in I crash and burn.  I have to pair sugar with protein, otherwise I have a meltdown (similar to that of a toddler).  I also don’t particularly like sweets (probably because of the aftereffects), I prefer more of a salty, savory foods.  All of the on-the-go nutrition supplements seem to be really sweet and made of only sugars (i.e. – honey, molasses, sugar, syrup).  Thus began my search for recipes that are high in carbs, but not necessarily high in sugar.

USAT recently posted a Feed Zone Portable recipe for Bitter Chocolate & Sea Salt Sticky Bites.  I made them last week and tried them on our run Saturday.  The recipe made approximately two dozen bites, one ounce each.  It was easy to follow, and I had most of the ingredients in the house, with the exception of sticky rice.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed.

Chocolate Sticky Bites, Endurance Nutrition

First of all, when I made these bites, I tasted them.  They were a little sweet with a hint of chocolate.  On the run, I didn’t taste any of the sugar or chocolate.  They were pretty much flavorless, picture eating a bite of plain rice.  And the bites were sticky, like really sticky.  I wiped my hands on my pants, but was left with a film of sugar on my hands for the remainder of the run.

Second, the recipe says, “On your next ride, try bitter chocolate and sea salt sticky bites, a delicious portable snack made from real food.”  Well, I should have listened to their advice.  Even though these were bite-size portions, it is extremely difficult to breathe and chew these rice bites while running.  I think these would have been much easier to handle on a bike ride.

Finally, I wrapped the bites individually in plastic wrap.  The recipe does not state how to store these, other than in an airtight container.  So I put the wrapped bites in a Ziplock bag and stored them in the pantry.  I made these on Thursday, and by Sunday they had molded.  I considered storing them in the refrigerator, but typically rice doesn’t keep well in there.  Next time, I may try freezing any extras that won’t be consumed within a day or two.

Overall, I was happy to try something new.  I like the idea of using complex carbs as nutrition for longer rides and runs.  I just need to find the right recipe.  What’s your nutrition on longer workouts?  Do you make your own or just stick to gels and chews?

Weekly Activity Report 04/19/2015

These numbers are sad considering it’s not a taper week.  Nick was out of town for a few days and sick most of the week.  I only went to the gym once to swim.  We are pretty much counting April as a bust.  I guess sometimes you just need a break.  Below are our numbers for the week.  For having such a slow week, our Fitbit stats weren’t too bad.

This coming Sunday is my first race of the season!

Weekly Activity Report ending 04/19/2015:

Emily –
86,610 steps (daily average 12,373)
Run 10.3 miles
Bike 15.5 miles
Swim 975 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Nick –
81,333 steps (daily average 11,619)
Run 10 miles
Bike 5.5 miles
Swim 0 yds
Strength 0 minutes

Garmin Vivosmart Revisited

Just before Christmas, I posted a review of the Vivosmart.  At the time I was disappointed with a few things, namely step count accuracy.  Over a few software updates, I found that the device became far more accurate and didn’t count as much of my arm movement as steps as it had before.  The picture below is a comparison of the Vivosmart and the Fitbit One after a run today.  (Deduct 1200 from the Fitbit since I put it on earlier in the day)

I can’t say that I ever became a fan of the notifications on my wrist.  It just became more of a hassle than knowing what was going on with my phone at any given minute.  This is one of the reasons that I question whether the Apple Watch will be worth while or not.  I just don’t always need to see what my phone is doing or who is texting me, calling me, or emailing me.

I never quite got used to having a wrist worn tracker and just prefer to have the tracker out of the way in my pocket or on my belt.  It was nice, however, that the device was waterproof and I could keep it on when I went to swim (I didn’t have to remember to switch it to different shorts or take it off when I jumped in the pool) or lose steps when I was going to shower.

I’ll say again that I think any device that gets someone moving is worthwhile and picking the one you like is the most important part of that because if you don’t wear it, it won’t work.

A few pictures of the Vivofit

A few pictures of the Vivofit

Running Sick 04/18/2015

I posted recently about training while traveling.  I find it quite difficult, and over the past couple weeks I have traveled a bit.  Since my training has dropped off a little bit, I think my body decided it was a safe time to get sick.  It seems like anytime I take a break I get sick.

Saturday we were scheduled for a 10K, and with a completely congested head, I tried to talk myself out of it while we walked the dogs this morning.

– It was too windy to run
– My head doesn’t feel good
– Maybe it will be nicer tomorrow

I could go on but this is the gist of the arguments I was making, not only to myself, but to Emily as well.

Well, all that argument didn’t get me out of the run, and I felt terrible.  I had a plan for my terrible run.  At 2.5 miles, I would turn around.  This would put me near the house at 5 miles and I could then decide whether I would finish the final 1.2 or just stop at the house.

As it turns out, at around 4.5 miles, my body really felt bad.  Emily and I split up as I headed straight for the house and she redirected herself to complete 10K before getting to the house.  My stomach was not having any more running, but I had to at least make it to the house.

At 5 miles, I farted big.  I then entered our neighborhood and finished the 10k before arriving back at the house.  As it turns out, Emily entered the neighborhood just after me.  We took slightly different paths and didn’t see each other until we were at the house.

This was a terrible run for me as I felt bad the entire time.  I am glad I did it, but some days I just don’t want to.

What do you think, should you run when you are sick or just not feeling well?