Weekly Activity Report 03/15/2015

I apologize for not posting this yesterday.  I was busy trying to find bike shops in the area and researching tri bikes.  We will probably visit one or two shops this weekend.

Last week was a recovery week.  Our numbers are lower, but are our bodies are more refreshed.  The following are our distances in each sport, including our Fitbit steps.

Weekly Activity Report ending 03/15/2015:

Emily –
61,087 steps (daily average 8,727)
Run 1 mile
Bike 18.6 miles
Swim 3050 yds
Strength 41 minutes

Nick –
66,670 steps (daily average 9,524)
Run 6.4 miles
Bike 23.2 miles
Swim 3100 yds
Strength 45 minutes

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