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Stryd - Running Power Meter

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This week we were turned on to a new device available on Kickstarter to track power while running.  We are lovers of data and are particularly interested in how to use the data to progress our workouts.  In this case, we see a giant opportunity to give us some new insight into how different aspects of our running form affect our energy output.  Runners World featured an article on the power meter and DC Rainmaker had great reviews when he tested the beta version, this ultimately led us to backing their campaign.

Stryd is a first of its kind power meter for running.  This is something that has been available for bicyclists for a long time, but never made progression to runners.  Stryd will allow you to pair with a multi-sport watch (capable of connecting to a power meter via ANT+) or your phone via bluetooth, and be able to monitor power usage as you workout.  A great thing about utilizing power as a key metric vs. heart rate, is that heart rate is variable.  Heart rate is affected by your day, what you have eaten, how many cups of coffee you drank that day (as a side note, coffee is awesome), or any other number of factors including stress.  Power is consistent.

We are very excited to add a new piece of data to our post run and long term analysis.

Stryd still has 27 days left on their Kickstarter with rewards being consumed quite quickly, but they have been adding a few from time to time to keep up with the demand that is out there for the product.  Because of Kickstarter we also had a chance to Skype with one of the people at Stryd about the device and why we were interested.  It was quite a cool experience and we look forward to future interactions.

We will likely post a few more things about Stryd as we getting further information, but you can expect that we will do some very comprehensive write-ups once we actually receive the devices later this year.

In the meantime, click through the links above to review their company website or Kickstarter campaign.  They are on twitter as well.

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