Indoor Training

In September 2014, Emily and I decided to make the move to Wisconsin.  We pretty much stopped training in any way because our time was being consumed on moving things, getting the house packed, keeping the house clean for selling it, and other preparation things.  When we moved, it hadn’t quite occurred to me that we were going to have to change our training during the winter.

I know what you’re thinking, “How did you not think that moving from Houston, Texas to Sheboygan, Wisconsin wasn’t going to change the way you trained?”

I just didn’t think about it enough.

When we got back to consistent training at the end of the year and into 2015, 99.9% of our training was occurring indoors.  (99.9% because we were able to do a few outdoor runs in January).  I started to get very concerned that running on a treadmill and riding on a trainer wasn’t going to maintain or build the strength that I wanted to.  I find that running on a treadmill is nothing like running outside, it is like cheating.  Riding on the trainer is great, but I don’t feel like it is the same type of riding as on the road, again a bit like cheating.

Last weekend, Emily posted about it, we had our first real outdoor run of the year and I couldn’t believe how good I felt!  After 6 miles, I didn’t feel drained at all and could easily have done a bit more.

All this to say that I prefer being outside to being in a room watching television while I train and . . . the indoor training in the winter actually did me a lot of good.

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