Buying a Tri Bike

After speaking to the owner, Jason, at Endurance House Delafield and doing a little online research on Slowtwitch and other resources I realized getting fitted before you buy a bike is the way to go.   Nick and I scheduled our bike fittings.  Mine was a little over a week ago, and Nick had his this past weekend.

The fitting process took 1 1/2 – 2 hours per person.  The following is a basic breakdown of the fitting process.  Prior to getting on the bike, the fitter asked about past injuries or pain, riding experience, as well as racing goals.  He then had me warmup on the bike and video taped me riding.  Next I got off the bike and the fitter checked my flexibility.  He made adjustments to the bike along the way, then hooked up a power meter and added resistance to the pedals. Once he made final adjustments and ensured my comfort, he videotaped me again riding the bike.  He showed me the videos side by side to compare form in the before and after.  Once I was off the bike, he took final measurements and made recommendations on which bikes would best fit me based on my stack and reach.

After having a little over a week to ponder my bike options, I found myself still unable choose a bike.  After Nick’s bike fitting on Saturday, I asked the fitter a few more questions and finally decided on a bike, a 2015 Quintana Roo CD0.1 (pictured below).  The shop coincidently had my size in stock, so after they adjusted the bike to my measurements, I was able to take it home with me!

2015 Quintana Roo CD0.1

Nick took a little while to make a decision in the store, but ultimately chose to go with a 2014 model BMC TM02.


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