Weekly Activity Report 01/25/2015

Our long run (10k) was cut short this weekend.  We ran on the treadmill rather than outside, and well, I just can’t run on the treadmill for an extended period of time.  Otherwise, we increased mileage on the bike and both of us are getting more confident in the swim.  Below are our total distances for each sport as well as our Fitbit steps summary.

Weekly Activity Report ending 01/25/2015:

Emily –
78,675 steps (daily average 11,239)
Run 7.1 miles
Bike 24.2 miles
Swim 1275 yds
Strength 48 minutes

Nick –
74,686 steps (daily average 10,669)
Run 9.9 miles
Bike 23.7 miles
Swim 1050 yds
Strength 26 minutes

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