Weekly Activity Report 01/11/2015

This week was a cold one, the temperatures dropped into the negatives with horrible winds.   Despite the urge to cuddle up by a fire all week, we were more active then normal.  We trained indoors with the exception of an outdoor run on Sunday when the weather warmed up to a tolerable 25 degrees.  We swam in the pool for the first time at the gym on Saturday.  On Sunday we returned to the gym and ran 4 miles outside, then went inside and did a few exercises in the pool.

Weekly Activity Report ending 01/11/2015:

Emily –
86,941 steps (daily average 12,420)
Run 9.7 miles
Bike 28.0 miles
Swim 100m

Nick –
87,179 steps (daily average 12,454)
Run 11.4 miles
Bike 25.4 miles
Swim 200m

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