Unboxing of the Garmin Foot Pod

Some time in December 2014, my Garmin fenix 2 began miscalculating my pace on the treadmill.  Although most of my runs have been on the treadmill this winter, I am making an effort to do my longer runs outdoors to keep the watch calibration information current.  The watch is calculating my pace between 8:30 and 9:00/mile.  My normal outdoor pace, as well as the pace I run according to the treadmill, is 11:30-12:00/mile.

My data is now skewed in Garmin Connect.  After each treadmill run, I correct the distance in Garmin Connect, and the pace recalculates.  As you can see below, the pace is still recorded in Garmin Connect at the faster pace from the watch, even though the average pace has been corrected.  This has also resulted in the miscalculation of my VO2 Max data as well as my training effect data (because the watch senses me running much faster than what is happening in reality).

Garmin Connect Pace

This is just a limitation of the watch, because it is based off of wrist movements.  Thursday I got frustrated with my data not being correct and purchased the Garmin Foot Pod from Amazon.  It arrived today.  Unboxing was a bit anticlimactic, as it only contains the foot pod and instructions.

As you can see the foot pod is small in size and comes with a lace clip to secure to your shoe.  I didn’t realize this when I purchased it, but the foot pod is powered by a replaceable CR2032 battery.

Garmin Foot pod

Top view of foot pod

Garmin Foot pod

Side view of foot pod

I intend on calibrating the foot pod this week and wearing on my treadmill runs for sure (I’m undecided at the moment whether I will wear it on my outdoor runs as well).  Either way, I plan to use it consistently for the next few weeks and write an in-depth review afterwards.

Update 04/23/2015:  See the Full Product Review

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