Swimming 01/10/2015

As we prepare for triathlons, we have started to swim (both back in Texas and now in Wisconsin).  When we started in Texas we were taking advice from friends trying to help out by telling us what was needed and how to make it more effortless.  Now that we are in Wisconsin, we have all but forgotten those words of advice.

On Saturday we headed to the gym with the sole intention of getting in the pool.  When we arrived, there was one lane being used and I decided that I would just jump in and hope for the best.

I will preface what I write below by letting the reader know that I have never swam as part of a team, nor taken any swimming lessons beyond age 6.

When I jumped in the water, cold and worried that I didn’t know what I was doing, the fear of looking stupid came over me.  With one other person in the pool, would they judge me for my lack of ability?  Would they be angry with me for creating waves in the pool while they were out for a nice afternoon swim?  Would I create such a spectacle of myself that the people in the overlooking weight room would start to watch as I flailed about like a drunk duck?

And that is about how this went.  I do not make swimming look effortless.  I do not know how to breath properly, I have no grace what-so-ever.  Over the coming months, I intend to be in the water more frequently with the intention of growing this skill.  Just like running and cycling, it will take a bit of practice to improve.

For the sake of other swimmers, I am just hoping that time comes quickly.

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