Joining the Gym

We’ve been wanting (needing) to join a gym since before we left Texas to add swimming to our exercise routine.  Only probably was there was no point in investing the money knowing we were going to move soon, that’s when we got access to the neighborhood pools.

Once we got settled in our new home in Wisconsin, we toured the Sports Core Health Club.  They have everything we want; weights, treadmills, a lap pool, sauna, fitness classes, and many other amenities.  The best part it is located across the street from Nick’s work, which is just 3 miles from our home.  Plus, as an added bonus, Nick gets a discount on the monthly fees based on usage.  Only thing was we weren’t ready to make the commitment.

We finally joined the gym this week, so now we have access to a pool as well as multiple treadmills (we can run next to each other indoors).  We will probably continue to use our bike trainers at home to be able to ride on our own bikes, but we are both interested in some of the cycling classes that the gym offers.

So far this week we have been to the gym a couple of times.  We joined on Wednesday evening, went Thursday to run on the treadmill, and yesterday to swim in the lap pool.  We are planning on going again today to run and possibly get in the pool again.

Because of the discount for usage, I thought it might be interesting to see how much it is costing us per visit, I will post this in the monthly stats, at least for the first few months.

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