Game Table Part 1

A few years ago, Emily and I started to play a lot of boardgames.  We really like Ticket To RidePandemic and many other games.  We found a lot of these games from the show Table Top, which is part of the Geek and Sundry network on You Tube.  The show is hosted by Wil Wheaton and is a great introduction to games as well as very funny while doing so.

While watching the show we were quite impressed with the table that he had and thought that we might get one.  The table he has on the show is made by Geek Chic and they make incredible tables.

This is the table from the show


Though we really like their tables, we weren’t prepared for the cost of them.  A table like this one was almost $2,000.  So we set out on a mission to see if we could possibly build one ourselves.

The first thing we did was start to look at wood.  To make this worth while, we would have to find it at a reasonable cost.  It turns out that we could, thus lowering the out-of-pocket cost to around $300 to $400.  We have since found out that the price of wood is cheaper if you don’t purchase it from major retailers.  The next step, though it arguably should have been the first, was to figure out what tools we had and what wee needed.  We didn’t really need that much in the way of tools, we had everything to make the table, but some of it would have been difficult.

We decided that we wouldn’t get any new tools, and that we would press forward with what we had.  At this point we got an amazing gift from Emily’s dad.  After hearing that we wanted to make this table and asking a few questions, he went out and purchased a table saw for us.  This is when we got serious.

This is the first in a series of posts about building our game table.  Future posts will be linked at the bottom of each post.

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