Crocheting – Dog Paws Christmas Stocking

After completing our Christmas stockings and all of the snowflake decor, I had one more crochet project to complete and ship before Christmas.  While perusing the RedHeart website, I found this adorable Dog Paws Christmas stocking pattern and knew without a doubt which four-legged pup would be receiving this for his first Christmas!

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Meet Roux, my brother’s pup!

I made the leg sides one afternoon and finished the stocking the following afternoon.  Overall, it took a few hours to make.  The directions were quite simple, and the featured video located below the stocking picture was extremely helpful, especially when it came to making the paw and toe prints and sewing them onto the stocking.  Helpful hint, when making the paw, toe prints, and bone, when you are fastening off be sure to leave a long tail.  You can then use this piece of yarn to sew the piece to the leg sides (if you are having trouble, watch this youtube video for further explanation).

I used the same yarns as our Christmas stockings – I Love This Yarn, 100% acrylic, worsted weight, in Forest (leg sides), Cranberry (center paw and toe prints), and White (bone).  After completing the bone, I decided to use my sewing machine’s embroider function to add Roux’s name, and then attached it to the front side of the leg.  Once complete, I filled the stocking with a few doggy treats and mailed to my favorite Rhodesian Ridgeback, Roux!  Dog Paw Christmas Stocking

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